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Career Restarter

Restart your career after retrenchment with this curated set of self-help toolkit, workshop and care...

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Outlook for the Accountancy Sector in 2020

According to the Singapore Accountancy Commission, the Accountancy industry remains strong despite b...

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Re-imaging the Future Accountant

What kind of roles could the Accountants of the future play in the ever-changing market landscape? F...

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Will Robots take over the Accountant’s Job

AI is convenient and useful. But will it ever become a threat to the Accountant? Click here to find ...

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Career Support Programme (CSP)

A salary support programme for Singapore Citizen PMETs to take on new jobs paying $3,600 or more. ...

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P-Max seeks to help place PMETs jobseekers into suitable SME jobs; assist SMEs to better train, mana...

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