Professional Conversion Programmes (PCPs) are career conversion programmes targeted at Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMETs), including mid-career switchers, to undergo skills conversion and move into new occupations or sectors that have good prospects and opportunities for progression. Place-and-Train: PMET is hired by a participating employer before undergoing training to take on new job role. Attach-and-Train: PMET is provided with training and work attachments, in advance of job placement, through industry partners in growth sectors with good future job opportunities.

Manufacturing Professional

The Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) for Manufacturing Professional is a career conversion pr...

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Quality Professionals

The Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) for Quality Professionals is a Place-and-Train programme...

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Regional Operations Manager / Regional Technical Programme Manager

This Professional Conversion Programme aims to equip trainees with the knowledge and skills to pursu...

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Technical Sales Engineer/ Manager

The Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) for Technical Sales Engineer/Manager is a career convers...

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Did You Know How Should You Network?

by Dennis Koh, Senior Career Coach, 20 Years in Banking, Finance, IT and Recruitment.

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Changing Careers? Reskill with the Professional Conversion Programme.

Thinking of a career change and how to make it a success? Find out how Workforce Singapore’s Profe...

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Adapt and Grow

The Adapt and Grow initiative helps Singaporeans adapt to changing job demands and grow their skills...

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Career Trial

Gain work experience, enhance employability and secure formal employment paying $1,500 or more

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Professional Conversion Programme (PCP)

Professional Conversion Programmes (PCPs) are career conversion programmes targeted at Professionals...

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